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Near Field Communication in Windows 8: Part 2

In the first part of this article series we have described the main concepts of Near Field communication and how Microsoft has provided support for this technology in Windows 8. Then we have seen how to set up two Windows 8 virtual machines with a proximity driver, i.e something which allows us to simulate a tap gesture. In this second part we will learn how to use the sample proximity driver and explore the functionalities exposed by the Proximity API.

NetNfpControl: a testing tool to simulate a proximity event

As already described in the first part, we can use a sample proximity driver to simulate a tap gesture. We found the sample netnfp solution in the Windows 8 Driver Samples package. In this solution, together with the driver and the package for the driver projects, there is also a project, NetNfpControl, containing a testing tool to simulate proximity hardware.

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