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Orion Context Broker: delete a subscription without having the ID

I was testing the subscription/notification feature of Orion Context Broker (  and I made a number of subscriptions without taking note of the ID of the new subscription returned by the system.

Soon I went in a situation where Orion was firing a lot of notifications  to the Cygnus connector that I had configured.

I wanted to delete most of the subscriptions, but the REST call available, i.e. unsubscribeContext, requires that you know the id of the subscription. What to do then?

Official documentation suggests, as ultimate remedy, to delete the entire database: (

But I was reluctant to follow this way and then I looked for a mongodb admnistration and found this umongo:

The installation is trivial: just download the zip file, unzip and launch

I loaded the default instance of mongodb in my linux box and started to look for an id under orion databases; the subscriptions are in the csubs collection:

Then I created a simple REST call in SoapUI to unsubscribe the subscription with that ID: